Ey up, I'm Liz.

I'm a Senior User Experience and Product Designer, based in Beverley, East Yorkshire working remotely for Cera Care.

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Liz’s involvement with the team, the users and the product itself is AMAZING! She is detail orientated, easy to work with and goes the extra mile. I could really not be able to ask for anything else.
-Maisa Monteiro Da Cunha (Product Manager, TotalEnergies)
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Liz was an invaluable partner with me in a strategic research project – pivotal in shaping our research approach, planning and objectives, as well as analysis and insights synthesis. Any design team would be glad to have her!
-Elvin Tsang (Senior Designer, Lighthouse London)
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Liz was amazing getting up to speed and delivering the demo system. The feedback and feeling is totally amazing.
-Adrian Richards (Business Analyst, Equiniti)
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If Liz says she is going to do something- be it a design task or an internal initiative- you can be assured it will be completed to a high standard. Liz gives her all to what she does. I don’t think ‘off day’ is in her vocabulary.
-Alice Perry (Senior Copywriter, Lighthouse London)
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Liz excels at fast turnaround of screens for client interviews, even with tight timelines and as product direction pivots.
-Rachel Truong, (Associate Director of UX, S&P Global)